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Comprehensive Trade Support Services
including LC, Shipping, Banking, Full set of Import and Export Documentation, etc.
Qualified Import and Export Trade Service Provider
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Why choose us

Professionalism, Focus and Insight are where our main advantages lie in.

  1. We possess all-round Professional qualifications in Import and Export Trade.
  2. We solely Focus on Trade Support business.
  3. We have good Insight into various regions & markets.

Trade Support Services

We are proud to offer the cost-effective Trade Support Services including the most welcomed full set of Shipping Documentation to trading enterprises, enabling them to focus on developing their core business.

Trade Service Plan

Trade Service Plan includes:

  1. Single-item Trade Service
  2. Combined Trade Services
  3. One-stop full scale Trade Service program

Clients are entitled to select their preferred option and could freely adjust the plan anytime.


We enjoy a relatively high reputation in Trade Service industry when referring to professional recognitions, seniority in the industry, together with the scope of services, etc.

Import and Export Trade Services

About Us

Our Core business, Trade Support Services, is our Strength as well.

BURST , based in Hong Kong, is the first Trade Support organization solely dedicated to providing a range of quality Trade Support Services with particular focus on handling L/C document, full set of Shipping documents, Import and Export documents, Banking documents, various kinds of Trade documents, Orders follow-up, Shipping arrangement and Cargo Insurance, which enables enterprises to concentrate resources on developing their core business.

To cater for increasingly demanding clients, we have launched a number of the first ever value-added Trading Service that perfectly matches with their business needs.

Scope of Services

Follow up orders
Shipping arrangement
Handle Letter of Credit (L/C)
Prepare full set of Shipping documents, Import and Export documents, Banking documents
Handle Bank Bills payment and Bank Collection (D/P and D/A)
Apply for Certificate of Origin (CO), Consulate Endorsement
Import and Export declaration (Trade declaration)
Trading Service - Value Added

Practical Experience

Our back-end Trade Support team has been serving small, medium and large sized International Trade players for over 15 years with good understanding of critical needs and expectations of different clients.

Target Clients

Import and Export Trading Companies; Buying Agents; Offshore Trading Companies; Manufacturers; Logistics Service Providers

Our Vision

We strive to become a leading and the most respected 3rd party Trade Support Service provider in Hong Kong.


  1. Being able to provide each individual client with tailor-made Trading Support Services is our unique strength.
  2. We adopt a Trade document based approach through offering documentation service - full set of Shipping documents, Import and Export documents, L/C document, Banking documents - supplemented by a list of indivisible Trading Support activities such as Shipping arrangement, Orders follow-up, Consulting service, etc. to cater for diversified needs of corporate clients.
  3. Regardless of the scale and business nature, we persist in offering high quality service at a competitive monthly fee without discrimination.

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